Hello friends!! Welcome to my blog! I am SO excited to share this sweet space with you and what this adventure will hold. Cup of Kenz will seek to combine several passions of mine: social media, writing, Jesus and trying new things. It is my hope to go out every Friday to a new coffee or donut shop, share the details of that and what is filling my cup that week and what Jesus has been doing in my heart.

I wanted to introduce myself first. These are 10 facts I think you should know about me. 🙂

  1. I absolutely love encouraging others. If this was a love language, I think this would be mine of how I love on others.
  2. I am a big fan of simplicity. An evening walk, a good book, or frozen pizza and wine for dinner? I’m in.
  3. Jesus is my rock. If you want to have life chats and share testimonies and deep conversations, I would love to be your friend!
  4. My favorite coffee is either anything iced with caramel or vanilla or a soy caramel macchiato if I’m having a sweet treat!
  5. Whether it’s neutral colors, stripes, loose-fitting or in Target’s fall collection, that’s most likely what I’ll be wearing.
  6. I’m definitely an introvert, but will come out to play with the right company.
  7. The best donut out there in my opinion is a glazed ring donut with vanilla frosting and the cutest sprinkles available.
  8. With fall quickly approaching, I must admit it is my favorite season for many reasons. The cooler weather, football, candles, layers and the colorful views are just the beginning.
  9. I am the best at trying to fit so much into one day and be purposeful and intentional, yet sometimes I end up not wanting to do any of it.
  10. A perfect day for me would start with a morning cup of coffee, reading a devotional, going for a long hike, cooking a fresh dinner, and ending the night laughing with my loved ones maybe playing Settlers of Catan.

Be on the lookout for my first blog next week!

Until Next Week Friends,


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