Happy Friday, friends!! I am so glad you are here! I have received so much love and support in this journey already and it has only just begun. I so strongly desire to be a light of Jesus and an inspirational and encouraging platform! Without further ado, let’s get started.

My adventure for this week was to YoYo Donuts & Coffee Bar in Hopkins, Minnesota, which is just outside of southwest Minneapolis! I was so thrilled walking into this place knowing it was my first of many trips on this endeavor.

I could not get over how simple, chill, and refreshing of an atmosphere YoYo’s was. It definitely had an at-home, small town feel right when I walked in, which I didn’t expect, but it absolutely made sense when I got there. There was only one other person in the café when I walked in, and walked around a little bit before I ordered anything or found a spot to sit for the afternoon. Once I finally stopped admiring (for a minute), I placed my order and began a conversation with the barista. I asked her how her day was going and how long she had been working there. She was so smiley, (which I loved!) and genuinely cared that I was attempting to have a conversation with her. She said she had been working there almost a year and really has enjoyed her time there up to this point! She thanked me for being so friendly and I thanked her for the awesome service and sweet delights!

Coffee Shop Entrance- Welcome

Speaking of sweet delights.

For coffee, I was unsure of what to order because their menu was very basic. This always troubles me, yet somehow at the same time leaves me at ease. I asked my new friend the barista what her favorite drink was. She was so happy. She said she loved the white mocha and the chai latte. She is speaking my language!! I proceeded to order an iced white mocha! It was SO good. A bit sweeter than what I usually would get, an iced coffee or Americano, but I was satisfied, none the less, and got to enjoy it over a few hour time span.

Coffee Shop- Coffee Roast

Coffee Drink-Iced White Chocolate Mocha

My donut!! It sure was awesome. I got a cake donut with white frosting and sprinkles. It was the cutest. I usually would choose the glazed donut type, but I was feeling this and it was a bit smaller and I wasn’t too hungry!! It was SO fresh. I didn’t want it to end. I would recommend this to anyone!

Coffee Drink and Donut Pastry

What has been filling my cup this week is that there is NOBODY like our God. I heard the song Nobody Like You Lord by Maranda Willis at a ministry leadership retreat this past weekend and hearing other servants of Him just pour out their hearts and sing “Nobody Like You Lord” really moved in me. In a society filled with an immense amount of constant comparison, it is an everyday refreshment to know that although Jesus is our perfect example, there is no comparison with Him, because He is perfect and there is nobody like Him, and there is no one besides Him. I think comparison can lead to not loving one another like He loves us, and as we all fall short of the glory of God with that piece of our hearts, we must remember He is our rock and HE is mighty over everything – not us.

‘O Lord GOD, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your strong hand; for what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as Yours? – Deuteronomy 3:24


Have a blessed weekend, lovelies!!



  1. That iced white mocha looks so good! So glad you are using this platform to encourage others. Looking forward to reading more. XO


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