Hi sweet friends! I am overjoyed you are visiting my blog today. These past two weeks have been filled with so much support and true compassion for this vision!

This week I ventured to Roundtable Coffee Works in St. Paul, MN. My sweet coworker Sam so graciously joined me on my trip and I was so glad she got to experience Roundtable Coffee Works alongside me!!

Coffee Shop Exterior

Coffee Shop Sign

Coffee Shop Interior

Roundtable Coffee Works Coffee Mugs

Roundtable Coffee Works was in a pretty cool area, I thought. It wasn’t in a busy place at all, which is an unknown, quiet fear of mine. It was just off the road near some apartment buildings, and other industrial type shops. It was the most adorable little corner shop. It was smaller than I thought, and it only had two tables inside for seating, which I thought was unusual. But nonetheless, it was cute and I understand and appreciate now it’s also used for a quick grab and go stop for #goodcoffee and talking with the awesome baristas! And boy did their coffee sure prove the place its worth. (More on that to come!) I thoroughly enjoyed the interior of the coffee shop. It had its own unique style, I mean, there was an actual coffee grinder/roaster, which was super neat to see!!! Roundtable Coffee Works’ motto is “Good coffee stems from appreciation. Appreciation for a simple beverage, for grace & kindness, and for working with gusto. Roundtable Coffee Works is building a coffee culture around this appreciation.” What an incredible mission!

No donut for Kenz, today! I was completely content with the best vanilla latte I’ve ever had. The vanilla flavor was unlike any other. It was rich, smooth, and tasted like a slice of Heaven. It sure was a gift. Sam had an iced Done Well, a Roundtable Coffee Works original!! I cannot remember exactly what all was in it, but I know she mentioned maple and a few other ingredients! It was such a vibrant flavor, and she sure enjoyed it. It was really cool to see a coffee shop have drinks like this in addition to the usual lattes and and cold presses.

Coffee Drinks with Friends

Coffee Latte Art

What’s filling my cup this week is learning to be a peacemaker. I am learning that living God’s ways doesn’t mean all people will like WHO we are, but they will like WHAT we are, which is peacemakers. To always be striving for peace. You could be striving for peace in your home, in your workplace or with your friends. Any toxicity in your life can feel like an enemy. God commands us to pray for our enemies, to cover that in peace and confront it head-on and treat them as He would. If we feel the situation is getting too hard, we need to put the situation in God’s hands and let Him work it out, or ultimately, walk away from a situation if it is getting out of hand, just as Christ did when he withdrew himself from the Pharisees and Herodians who were plotting to kill Him. (Mark 3:6-7).

I want to share three steps I found to live out when striving for peace:

1. Tell someone about the situation you’re in

2. Recognize who you are (Say to yourself what God says about you!)

3. Trust God will bring you out of this

The Lord is with us and for us. He will not let us be destroyed by other people’s actions. Receive comfort in knowing He sees everything happening to you.

I am praying for peace. I am praying for hope in whatever situation you may find yourself in where you are feeling troubled, lost, alone or full of worry. I pray the ones that surround you fill you up with the love Christ fills us with. I am praying you are able to rest in knowing that God’s love for you is extravagant, far beyond our comprehension and the greatest love of existence.

Coffee Shop Wall Friends

Happy Fall, y’all!




  1. What a great find and love the “Do Good Work” mugs! I’m kind of a mugaholic🙈

    Love the points you made! Being in the middle of a storm it can feel like it’ll never end but God is constantly working and sometimes he’s waiting for us to move, to step forward by faith, and trust him beyond what we think we can or can’t control.

    Keep up the beautiful posts love♥️🙌🏼


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