Hello sweet friends!

I hope you all have had refreshing, intentional, and fulfilling weeks!! I want to tell you guys something. That is that, I have learned to love blogging on Friday’s. That was my intent going into this blog. But I am just reflecting, and it is so sweet to look back on my week and process everything and really send my prayers and praises to the Lord for what this week has held. So, I encourage you all to take time on a Friday, or a restful Sunday to reflect and dig into what God has spoken to you or taught you in the past week. It’s more than you’d know, is what I’ve learned so far. 🙂

This week I had the pleasure of going to Mugshots Coffee Company southwest of Minneapolis in Bloomington, Minnesota. Y’all, this place is a treasure. A rare gem. It is AWESOME. I want to live down the street so I can go here weekly. The vibe is simple, modern, open and full of passion and deep conversation. The baristas are incredibly kind. At Mugshots, they want every customer to be genuinely cared for and known! I am in love. For something as small as a coffee shop to have that as their mission, is something super special. They are impacting lives, for sure. My mug definitely mattered this afternoon. Thanks, Mugshots.

Interior Coffee Shop Bakery

Trendy Modern Coffee Shop Interior Bible Verse

Coffee Shop Vibes

Their menu was adorable, and side note: they have Nordic Waffles (basically a savory or sweet waffle sandwich *insert heart eyes*) on their menu which completely caught my eye!! I am currently on a 21-day meal plan and absolutely loving it!! I am learning so much about fueling my body with good things just like how the Lord teaches us to fuel our minds with such. It’s been a liberating and motivating experience!! It doesn’t allow me to have any cream or syrups in my coffee so I stuck with an americano with some steamed soy milk. I usually don’t get this type of drink, but I wanted to be obedient and I went for it! It wasn’t my favorite, but I got it iced and that is always more up my alley and that was a lot better! Mugshots, you betcha I will be back for a flavored latte and waffles.

Menu Coffee Shop Interior Trendy

Iced Coffee Americano Drink

What has been filling my cup this week is praises for our Maker. Life can get tough sometimes, but I thank and praise Jesus for the people and trials He has placed in my path the past few days. In times of disappointment, confusion or worry, I have found hope knowing He already has it all figured out. This week has held its handful of discouragements, but I’ve fought my worldly ambitions to trust that God is still on the move in those times. My cup is full knowing God can do more than we could ask or imagine if we present those requests to Him.

Prayers Needed Coffee Shop

Friend, whether or not this week has been hard for you or if it has been joy-filled, please remember this as you go into your weekend:

Your identity does not come from the trial you are in right now. You were made for more than the situation that is claiming your identity right now. It does not define your worth or have any authority over you. Your worth and identity lie in Jesus’ goodness and grace, and He already paid the most sacrificial price for you to believe that and hear that truth proclaimed!

Thank you so very much for stopping by Cup of Kenz. Be blessed!!



  1. Your words are so beautiful. I feel a sense of calm when I read your posts. I too, am at a point where I have to trust that God has everything in His hands. My mom always sings the song, “Day by day, and in each passing moment, strength I find to meet my trials there…” God gives us strength!

    Also, come to Philly and I’ll give you the coffee tour 🙂

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