Hello!! Welcome to Cup of Kenz! I am so happy you are here. I hope your week has been full of peace, love and endurance.

This week I am so excited to share about my trip last weekend up on the North Shore. It was full of camping, all sorts of hikes, outdoorsy adventure and the very best company and views. I knew I loved Minnesota oh so much for its seasons, people and the fact that it just feels like home whenever I return. I knew I loved Minnesota, but the North Shore made me fall in love with Minnesota all over again and my love grew even larger after this trip. There is nothing like this place. It is peaceful, it is secluded, it is serenity, it is quiet, it is simple, it is everything I could dream of in a getaway oasis. We adventured through all of Tettegouche State Park, and Bean Lake in Silver Bay, Minnesota.

Our trip stemmed from a 5-day trip my sweet boyfriend and I did over this past summer. We knew we had to bring some of our greatest adventure pals with us this time around for a fall excursion.

Our days began in the early morning as we all slowly rolled out of our tents, comforted in knowing we survived the night without any bear attacks (although, there was some spooky noises the first night near our friend’s tent – lol.) We would brew our french press coffee, cook up some eggs and have a nutritional and filling breakfast and head out for a full day of hiking!

Coffee Camping Trip Morning

Camping Tents Northern Minnesota North Shore

We arrived later afternoon on Friday which was perfect so we fit in a 2-3 mile hike to kick off our amazing weekend!

Fall Colors Autumn Leaves North Shore Minnesota Adventure

Fall Autumn Colors Leaves North Shore Minnesota Adventure

Hiking Views River Fall Colors North Shore Minnesota

Fall Friendship Waterfall Adventure Autumn North Shore Minnesota

The hikes we went on were all different types of challenging, atmospheres and aesthetics. We encountered fog over an entire lake which made it not so visible to us, but it was incredible to see it in a different way! We met so many kind people along the trails, ate many granola bars and trail mixes, and ended the nights with our camping stove, a bonfire and hot tea to soothe our already comforted and content souls.

Fall Colors Minnesota Fall Hiking Trip

Hiking Boots Adventure North Shore Minnesota

Bean Lake North Shore Minnesota Hiking

Hiking Cliffs Bean Lake Adventure North Shore Minnesota

Fall Colors Landscape Autumn North Shore Minnesota Adventure

North Shore Minnesota Palisade Head Fall Colors Autumn Adventure

Fall Adventure Leaves North Shore Minnesota

Fall Views Adventure Hiking Autumn Leaves Trees Lake Superior North Shore Minnesota

Waterfall North Shore Minnesota Adventure Fall Colors Rocks Leaves Autumn

I cannot fully explain how wonderful it was to experience the fall up here. I was in awe of the colors, and tender moments spend walking through the trees, remembering to look up to admire the landscape and the sweet conversations around the fire reminiscing on the day and the eager planning of our next trip ahead. I 10/10 recommend going camping in the middle of the woods with your friends over just about anything. You can unplug, be present, and truly enjoy one another’s company and get to know one another on such a precious level. It is one of my very favorite and very best things you could do.

Fall Adventure North Shore Minnesota Couple Adventure

North Shore Adventure Friends Camping Hiking Fall

Being up here reminded me so much of God and His presence was so alive and active. Our Maker meets us exactly where we are at. In whatever season of life we happen to be in. The North Shore meets people from all over exactly where they are, in the middle of the woods, for various reasons that brought them there, and He shows off His creation to all of us. Scripture reminds us that although His creation is so outrageously beautiful, He sees and values and loves His children so much incredibly more than that. He provides a place for us to belong, a refuge for us, and a perspective that can change our life. He intends life to be this way – slow, simple, full of adventure, deep, true friendships, and full of joy. Lets go forth and experience and continually live on Earth as it is is Heaven. You are His masterpiece.

Thank you for following along in this post and taking a peak inside something so very close to my heart. You are amazing.

Until Next Week,



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