4 of God’s Promises to Speak Over Your Life

Hi my friends! I hope your November has started off wonderfully! I think November often gets overlooked for Christmas and the sometimes weird transition between fall and winter. I am striving to appreciate November for all that it is and will be.

Lately, I have had identity placed on my heart and how the world and things of this world so often steal ours from us. Our job, our relationship, our past, a sin we can’t seem to stop, a health issue or mental health issue, family life, and so much more – all of these things deem to have power over us. Sometimes it’s because they just do, other times, it’s because we let them. Sin, in its nature, was a condition created to entangle your mind which causes the separation from God. It’s heart breaking.

But, it is so encouraging to know you can come simply and wholly to the Lord as you are and have your identity rooted and rest fully in Him and not in your circumstance, achievements or a certain standard the world tells you that you must reach.

I don’t know what you are facing, what thoughts run through your mind each day or how you view yourself, this world, or even, God.

I created a list of 4 of God’s Promises to Speak Over Your Life to do just that. Read these promises from our Maker out loud, to yourself in the mirror each morning, or slowly read them over a cup of coffee – I pray with all my heart that they will ring true to your identity of who you are and most importantly, of who our God incredible is.

4 of God's Promises to Speak Over Your Life


You can download the printable here: 4-of-gods-promises-to-speak-over-your-life.pdf

Until Next Time,


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