Hello Friday, hello friends and hello December!

I hope your post-Thanksgiving week was low stress, purposeful and light. This week I wanted to share a topic that has been on my heart for awhile. I have always been a list person, they keep me on track and accountable (win-win!) For the last year or so, I have been extra passionate about intentional living and living for more than your to-do list and not letting it completely control you, as it so easily can. Whether it is a to-do list in your personal life, at your job or within your family – the Lord calls us to abundant life. And sometimes, being bound to a to-do list can seem far from life abundant – more like life-limited or limited-life.

I have some pieces on my heart and ways I look at not being a slave to your to-do list:

  • Your to-do list does not define who you are

Your value does not stem from what you are trying to accomplish or what you attempt and do not complete. The Lord already deems you worthy, empowered and created for MORE

  • Leave room for the Lord, don’t let your to-do list limit you

The spontaneous, the not planned, the uneventful – God shows up. Don’t let a to-do list lock you down. Listen to His voice, talk to that stranger, call your old friend, make disciples in a fast food restaurant – small steps can leave room for God to do big Kingdom work

  • Know God is capable

He can do so much more than you can imagine or come up with for tasks on your to-do list. Listen for Him, invite Him in the ordinary and watch His excellence unfold

  • Mindfulness is key

If your workplace isn’t the best environment or even if it is – start expecting more of His glory in this space of your life. Don’t just be hopeful, be expectant

Your job is important and working adequately is equally important for the company and their success – but remembering your personal mental and spiritual health and your faith hold greater meaning and manifest and are the root of your personal being – you are valid and worthy and way more than JUST your job title – you are YOU

  • Give yourself grace

When you fall short, mess up or fail to make a deadline, hold tight to the perfect example of Jesus and that these things do not discredit your value or worth or take away from the sacrificial truth that Jesus has already won – be patient in tribulations and comforted by His courage

I am here for you, and we are all in this incredible, blossoming journey together. Let me know if I can walk alongside you in any way.

Be blessed until next time,



  1. Love this! I’m definitely guilty of getting to the point of my to do list kind of ‘controls’ me to the point where it becomes stressful trying to keep up with it, which defeats the whole purpose haha. So thank you for these tips and inspiration! 🙂


  2. This is so great! I have to fight for moments when I’m consumed with a to-do list or a calendar constantly chiming. “Leave room for the Lord, don’t let your to-do list limit you” I’m definitely writing this down as a reminder!

    Thanks for sharing sweet friend!

    xo, meg


  3. This is a seriously amazing and thoughtful post.

    I started getting more into lists this year, but I feel like sometimes they get out of control and make me more anxious than not.

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  4. Absolutely love this post and as a fellow to-do list fanatic, it’s so important to remember to not be limited by it. I am working on being more “interruptible” (like Jesus) and spontaneous. Even if I have to schedule a time to be unscheduled, ha.


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