Happy Fri-yay! I hope December has brought peace and a little bit of Christmas spirit already!! I cannot believe how fast it is going already. I always feel so crammed to fit all the Christmas activities in in such a short amount of time – but thankful for all the fun opportunities, quality time and holiday parties, none the less!

What has been filling my cup this week is our time with God. Last week I had a date night with my boyfriend and we had the sweetest, most intentional night. I was so appreciative and filled to the brim with love. We went to dinner and got $10 burgers and a beer, we had quiet time and did a devotional together and had a really good, deep conversation and prayed together and then we watched Stranger Things. Then one of the next days I was on a walk reflecting on that time and how thankful I was and just feeling really lucky for our relationship. It made me think that that is how we should spend our time with the Lord, too. We should spend time learning about His goodness, the fruits of the Spirit, and bearing His fruit – learning to be more kind, gentle, patient, because that will equip us and nourish us. Then, we should spend time being still, just being, and in prayer, and talking and sharing with God about the things we are going through. And then, we should take time to learn, explore and strive to grow with our Creator. To be more like Him, to learn more about the joy only He can bring.

This week I am featuring the coffee shop, Humble Cup Coffee!! I went to this lovely coffee shop a few weeks ago and left shaking. Let me tell you why.

Coffee Bar Coffee Shop VibesCoffee Shop Humble Cup CoffeeI was drawn to this coffee shop when it came up in search by its name – Humble. I wasn’t even curious for a second if it was Christian-based. I have only came across one other one in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area so far, so I just didn’t think too much of it. Little did I know, I found out it was a coffee shop ministry. I walked in and met a friend to talk about the youth ministry we lead together (Hi Katie, I love you!) and we both noticed worship music was playing. After Katie left, I sat there for a few hours longer.

I got a honey latte with vanilla bean honey! It was so very delightful. I am really loving light, natural sweeteners lately. So I’m still drinking a cute lil latte, but it’s not overloaded with sugar. I would definitely get this again, and maybe even try one of the other 3 types of honey they had!

Coffee DrinkWhen I first ordered my coffee I noticed one of the baristas so graciously, patiently and quietly making my drink. She intrigued me. I later found out her name was Kate. Kate was so sweet. I stood at the coffee counter for 20 minutes as we talked about so many things and I was so nervous but so filled up with the Holy Spirit all at the same time. We were both asking really tough questions and being really real. She went on to share after I had told her about my blog, that she felt the Lord speak to her about deleting her Instagram and about how He has shown up for her and breathed pure life into her. I continued to talk to her throughout my few hours there. I really appreciated how kind she was, and that she wasn’t weirded out by this random girl asking about her life.

I went to work on my blog more and then I went to ask the other barista, Abby, another sweet girl, a question about my coffee and then I got to have another conversation with another barista – Esther. We talked for another 20 minutes about the ministry, she shared about a few trafficking events they hold, and a little bit about her heart. I shared how encouraged and welcomed I felt in this place and how I was brought to tears with how thankful and cool of a time my afternoon was.

If you’re ever in the Minneapolis area or heck, Minnesota! This place is a must. I cannot say enough how I felt so welcomed, overjoyed, filled, humbled to be here and encounter Jesus here.

Until Next Time,



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