Hi loves! Happy end of January! This month has been awesome!! The beginning of the year is always so exciting! I have rounded up some of my favorite items from January this week on Cup of Kenz!

Let me know your favorite item in the comments!


1. My favorite book this month has been Simplify by Bill Hybels. It has been one of the many reasons this January has been so fulfilling – it is all about simplifying your life, taking a deeper look into your life and your schedule and slowing down. I think by the time I finish it, it will be in my top five favorite books. I recommend it 10/10!! simplify book

2. I have been LOVING this 12 Month Budget Binder from my girl Meredith over at Write Your Story! I moved to a new city the first weekend in January and wanted to start budgeting as I have more expenses now and to be honoring to the Lord! She hit every detail in this and I already love it one month in!

budget binder finances budgeting

3. This girl + this bible study subscription box have been more than a favorite this month, they have been one of the sweetest blessings! Leah, a new friend of mine I met through Instagram, runs Her Soul Fulfilled and launched her bible study subscription box and COMMUNITY! Literally, one of the coolest things I’ve heard of, let alone been apart of! Leah is a woman of passion and the Chase bible study we’ve been doing for 3 weeks already is already stirring in my heart – check out her website to learn more and join us next quarter!

bible study subscription box

4. My favorite coffee this month has been this blend from Cameron’s Coffee. Two of the four bags I received in November are already gone so I am onto this one and found myself exploring it even before the flavored ones were gone. It is the perfect roast, boldness level and I just look forward to it every morning lately because it’s amazing, strong coffee and you should never settle for anything less than that!

coffee camerons coffee coffee time

5. My favorite bible verse or topic in January has been what this passage encompasses from the Jesus Calling devotional. The Lord has been speaking to my heart so much lately about following His plan rather than my way and the trust that is involved in that. This passage captures it so beautifully.

bible journaling thoughts cursive

6. My favorite clothing item lately is this graphic tee I received as a gift from my very best friend Allie! She told me she got it from this boutique site/app called Jane! She said it was so me and I couldn’t agree more – it was such a thoughtful gift and I’ve always wanted something with this simple saying on it! It is so comfortable, the perfect color and I love wearing it under a cardigan!

graphic tee coffee and jesus

7. My favorite coffee shop this month has got to be Wesley Andrews in Whittier. I ventured to at least 4 Minneapolis coffee shops this month and they were all fantastic. This one stuck out to me, though. The vision of Wesley Andrews is, “We believe in the power of relationships. It was out of our passion for genuine connection and meaningful conversation that our company was born.” And I just think that’s freaking incredible. Not to mention, the vibe and the coffee was on point as well. I will definitely be going back here!

coffee shop vibes modern trendy hip

8. My favorite coffee this month was from Wesley Andrews! I got the Northwoods Latte (the name of this has me dead. So cute and adventurous). It had notes of marshmallow, balsam fir and smoked whiskey syrup. Minimal sweetness is what I’m all about.

latte coffee time

9. A simple home decor item I have been all in on lately has been fresh flowers, plants, succulents but specifically, fresh eucalyptus! I just picked some up from Whole Foods the other day and put them in a mason jar for a simple, fresh, affordable and minimalistic piece!

And that’s that! I hope you enjoyed reading along! May the last three days of January be full of light and gratitude!

Until Next Time,


9 thoughts on “JANUARY FAVORITES

  1. Such a great post girl! Loving all of your January favorites.. it’s seriously so fun to be able to see what others are loving 🙂 Definitely going to be checking out the simplify book and 12 month budget binder.

    xo, Lydia


  2. I love getting a peak into your life and what you’re loving lately! We never made it out to Wesley Andrews, but it sounds amazing!


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