Happy March!!! This month is starting off fresh, and it feels good! Diving into challenges, getting glimpses of Spring weather approaching and falling more in love with my new city each week.

What’s been filling my cup this week has been the hope Jesus is. No matter what situation you are in, He is the largest and most comforting hope. He promises to work things out for our good and on our behalf, and He is with us in the waiting and gives us courage in that.

Speaking of new city, I am learning more about it everyday. The newest coffee shop, Parallel Cafe, recently opened in the North Loop/Warehouse District of Minneapolis. I knew I had to go check it out!

Two weeks ago, my best friend and I went to church at River Valley Minneapolis, and then enjoyed coffee + conversation + bible talk at Parallel afterwards.

Guys, this place really impressed me. I walked in and it was QUIET. That is a huge deal to me. (Lol, such an introvert). It was open, which I throughly enjoyed as well. It felt refreshing, clean, sleek, and new (duh). The baristas were so sweet and understanding when I couldn’t decide what I wanted after ten minutes, and the fact that my friend and I moved tables three times. The variety of seating was awesome! The gorgeous yet unique white countertops, beautiful wood and light features, and huge windows that allowed for natural light all made the place even more perfect.

I chose my classic go-to, the vanilla latte and my bestie Al is a hot cocoa lover. My latte was smooth and not too strong of a vanilla flavor which I appreciated. It was just right! We couldn’t get over how the hot cocoa was created like a latte. Allie loved the chocolate flavor for a cup of early afternoon goodness for the soul. We were both a little hungry post-church and decided to get a little something. I strangely went for the yogurt parfait, I would never usually get this, but I had a feeling it would be good here. Indeed, it was! The assorted berries, raisins and granola mixed in well and it was cooling and paired well with my warm latte. Allie got a butter croissant (my girl!) and enjoyed the simplicity of it as I sat there wishing I had gotten one as well.

I also happened to see an IG friend (Hi Paige!) here and it was such a joy to meet her and run into a Young Life friend as well.

We spent the last bit of our coffee date exploring the bible and Proverbs. Allie is newer to her relationship with God and is so eager to learn. It brings tears to my eyes and some days I still can’t believe how He is working in her. Our friendship started in college when we met through mutual friends in opposite sororities. We didn’t really become close friends until our senior year and after I graduated and when we became full-time adults, oddly enough. She’s been all in since I invited her to River Valley for the first time about a year ago, gave her her first devotional, and her first Bible just this past Christmas. She’s the very best! You’re so special to me, Al!

Thanks for reading, as always. Go check out Parallel if you’re in the area – I promise you will love it. Have a lovely weekend!

Until Next Time,


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