It’s Friday, guys! Thank you for visiting Cup of Kenz today. I am walking you through a few things I’m learning lately. I always want to be authentic and share everyday life journey’s with you all. I hope these encourage, inspire or bring a piece of simplicity or joy into your day at the least!

Relationships with the people in your life are all that matter

Okay, maybe not the only thing that matter. But, one of the very most important things. Real talk, I am learning so much about this lately. I’m very family oriented and always have been, and my friends are some of the sweetest blessings in my life. I am obsessed with my loved ones, no joke, they’re the freaking best. I unfortunately have attended two funerals lately and in those moments, I really realized how much these people impacted and loved the people in their life. That’s all it comes down to, really. Your job, what you wear, what you’ve been through, are all valid aspects to life, but the people in your life that are your constants, your support system, your go-to’s, your people. Our relationships and friendships make our worlds go round, bring us so much joy, even if there are ups and downs, having other lovely humans in our lives is what it’s about. Life wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t share it with some of your favorite people with ya.

Every breath is a gift

Good and bad days, each breath in them is a gift to us. Our lives were paid for at a price and a sacrifice. This week, I lost my best friend from high school in a huge tragedy. I knew life was precious, but when things this tough happen, it really made me stop in my tracks and thank God for each breath and each morning I wake up that I am thankful for life today. It makes me want to strive for even more purposeful living. Losing her is one of the most horrible things. I still don’t want to accept it and the grieving process will take awhile, but I am hopeful. I am inspired and learned so much from her short life that I know I will intentionally keep close to my heart and in my steps.

It’s okay to not have plans

You don’t have to always do something. Society runs on busy-ness. I am so victim of this, and actually prefer to have plans – even as an introvert. Especially on the weekends. A few times lately, I’ve gotten a tiny bit of anxiety when I haven’t had plans, and it’s such a silly problem. We are often concerned with what everyone else is doing around us, and people we may not even know. I’ve unplugged recently with driving up to my parents house to getaway, talk with them and just sit and read, committed to no social media on some evenings, and many times I go on sunset walks by myself and the Lord has met me in prayer and reflection and that’s just what I needed those nights – not something fancy like social media may have convinced me of.

Don’t take yourself so seriously, Kenz

Something I’ve done to help with this lately is to just put music on the car, whatever sounds hype, and just sing along and feel freedom. I am the hardest person on myself at times. It’s like I have this pressure on myself to be put together in all aspects of my life, and that’s just not logical or wise for my soul either. Sometimes I even am hard on myself for how I handle my emotions. I’ve endured a few hardships back to back lately and I have most definitely not been put together and I’m resting and finding peace in it and it’s beautiful. It’s so easy to let situations define you. I’m worthy, even if circumstances could easily rob my thoughts and tell me differently.

Even in the midst of hardship, God is with you

Jesus is so good. As my faith grows, I learn so much more about the Lord and the coolest things. I recently faced a tough change in my career and boy it was tough. But, I had a sense of peace immediately following it and sensed God was on the move. He sure is. I’m not sure how yet, but that’s the beauty of it. It is of course up and down with feeling these ways. Doubt enters sometimes. But ultimately, He has taught me to stand tall and be strong, and lean into His strength. Sometimes I have no idea what that looks like, but I just surrender my thoughts and emotions to Him. I have the greatest support system and my boyfriend has been so supportive and encouraging in every step lately and reminds me that although my circumstances may be tough, to continue to be a lighthouse because our world needs that and to be honoring with my gift of encouragement. It’s so motivating and reassures me the Lord goes with me and before me each step.

Leave a comment with what you’re learning lately! Let’s uplift and learn from each other. It’s the greatest thing. And so are you guys!

Until Next Time,



  1. Sweet friend, this is beautiful! I always love to read what others are learning about in their life, and the funny thing is, I’m learning many of the same things you are! Thank you for sharing your heart + words, they truly were a blessing to me. Sending endless love to you 💗


  2. Kenz, I am so so sorry for what you’ve gone through. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a friend, let alone a best friend. It is beautiful, though, how you are using these circumstances to share Jesus and His sacrifice so we may have just one breath of life. What a gift! You are such a beautiful example of God’s love. Thank you for sharing! Love you!


    1. This is such a beautiful post! I am so inspired by your wisdom and love that you are such a light to all your readers! Excited for more posts and to see what beauty God has in store for you next!


      1. Erin, this means SO much to me you have no idea!! Thank you for taking your time to read and listen. I appreciate it more than you know!! You are so great. Sending love to you!!


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