At the beginning of April, I met up with a Minneapolis photographer, Micah of Micah Jane Photography. She slid into my DM’s (jk it was my email – you go girl, so professional) and asked if I would be interested in a collaboration with her for some lifestyle shots for my IG.

She mentioned that she loved capturing people’s passions. I was honestly so surprised by that. In the best way. That is SO sweet. I loved that about her from the beginning. Doing this photo shoot with her was seriously the best experience ever. Micah does wedding and lifestyle photography as a killer side hustle to her full time marketing position and being a genuine, kind and beautiful young woman new to Minneapolis!

The entire shoot, from the moment I walked in the door of the coffee shop to meet her, until the hug goodbye, Micah became a friend. Her shooting style and personality couldn’t have been more perfect for strategy of shots, placement, making it a comfortable environment and helping me be even more comfortable in front of the camera. Only a few shots into it, she was already making me laugh and allowing me to be my complete self. She seriously rocks! She was made for this. She took a unique variety of shots which I was impressed with, the lighting is absolutely stunning and the colors in her editing style are just gorgeous! She is so talented and I just admire her so much! She is passionate about her niche and her business. It is encouraging, inspiring and refreshing to see!!

Enjoy these captures and be sure to check her out on Instagram and her website! I am certain you will love her!

IG: @micahjjane |


coffee girl coffee photo

coffee shop hip trendy

Until Next Time,


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