Going through a season of hardship? A season of constant trials, battles or struggles? Big or small, it’s easy to get caught up in the difficult circumstance you are in. For me, I know that when storms come, a lot of my world now revolves around what has happened, and I am emotionally switched and invested in that. And to an extent, emotionally detached from other things. Not in a bad or intentional way, it’s just how it happens and how my heart reacts.

I have been learning several ways to combat trudging through difficult times, fostering strength within yourself and trusting in the strength outside of yourself also. I’ve taken time to gather some ways to face everyday during a trial in your life with grace, hope and persistence.

Accept Our Struggle

It starts with knowing and furthermore, accepting, that this difficult time has frustrated us, made us feel weak, caused us pain, or made us want to run and hide. Accepting allows for processing and full understanding. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that this difficult time has happened to us or someone in our lives. I know I definitely forget. Things happen quickly, suddenly, or tragically. Maybe you won’t be able to accept what has happened for awhile, that’s okay. Maybe you will process what has caused you to struggle for weeks, months, years, that’s okay too. Accepting our struggle opens up doors into our heart that invite God in. To accept and surrender we are strong, yet we are in need of a Savior who is strong for us and with us.

Continue to Have a Heart of Gratitude 

It’s so easy and also normal and completely valid to forget about expressing gratitude when you are going through a difficult time. Challenge your mindset with thinking about things you are thankful for during this time. It doesn’t put the struggle at bay, but it may help what you are going through. For example, being thankful for the support of your family or a spouse or friend or the sunshine, a safe home or good health.

Hold onto Hope

Cling to the fact that God is a one true constant in our life. This world is full of change and many different paths and directions and struggles. Strive to find peace and search for hope in your circumstance. Jesus is the one thing that remains in this life and in eternal life. We can remain confident and comforted by that truth. Hope is certain. It’s a choice to believe it.

Embrace and Treasure the Mundane

Give yourself grace in the everyday. Some days when you’re facing a difficult part of life, it’s okay to pat yourself on the back for simply making it through the day. It is in the everyday where we grow and blossom our strength, and especially in the everyday during a difficult time.

Walk in Faith Rather than Living in Fear

Living with a trusted belief rather than a mindset of self-doubt. Be confident in who God is and who He created you to be, in His likeness. I guarantee there will be days where your faith doesn’t feel like enough to get you through. Hold on with all of your might. Lean in to the trust the Lord promises. That His understanding surpasses and is higher than any of ours. Believe that He goes before you so you don’t have to live in fear anymore.


Take time to reflect how far you have come through this difficult time. Look back and see that you’ve made it through each day, and how that gives you confidence and encouragement that you can get through the coming days. Know that in the moments of today or the moments of loneliness, anxiety, anger, or hurt to come, God is already there. Something I know for certain is that when hardship hits, God doesn’t abandon you. Even if it feels like it. Even when life currently feels like a blur because of a tragedy or a struggle. He is in the storm with you. He STILL invites you to life to the full. And He will walk with you through this difficult time to continually offer that invitation. He won’t fix your problem and things won’t automatically become easy, but He does promise that we won’t have to face our trials and difficult times alone.


Thank you for reading this special piece and thank you Jesus for these words!

Be blessed friends and until next time,



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