Ever wake up late and feel rushed and scrambling out the door for work? Wishing for more hours in a day? A morning routine could be a simple addition to your day that is so needed. Since graduating college over two years ago, I have been an aspiring morning person and finding that spending my mornings just a little bit slower have become essential.

01. Find What Works for You

Think of ways you truly want to start your morning. Incorporate things you would enjoy or want to make more time to do (exercise, read more, slowly enjoy coffee).

02. Postpone Screen Time

The sweetest part about my mornings are that I don’t hop on my phone until right before I leave for work or until I’m on a break at work. Postponing screen time allows your mind to wake up with intention, purpose and clarity.

03. Journal a List of Gratitudes

Start your day with writing in your journal a list of things you are grateful for. doesn’t have to be a certain number. As many as you can think of, or the three most important to you that day. Focus your mind and be intentional with your thoughts as your body wakes up.

04. Read

There’s something about making time to read a book you’ve been loving or the chapter you’re reading in the Bible. Sitting in the quietness of the morning flipping through the pages with a coffee on a table nearest you.

05. Go for a Morning Walk

This is one of my favorites. Wake up for a sunrise walk. Listen to the birds chirp, look up at the beautiful trees, admire the flowers, take a different route than you usually would.

06. Bake

If you think about it, most breakfast foods don’t take too long to make. Waking up earlier creates time to make those scones or pancakes you’ve been eyeing up on Pinterest. Your house will smell good, you will enjoy the process of mixing everything together and enjoy your breakfast!

Some things I’ve found that help with adjusting to getting up earlier or making the most of your time in the morning:

  • Go to bed a half hour earlier
  • Simply just get up. It’s a choice not to hit snooze
  • Prepare your mindset the night before. This takes like 2 minutes. Plan in your mind or write it down if that works better for you. “I’m going to wake up at 6 and go on a run for 30 minutes then come back and make breakfast then I’ll get ready for work.” This will help eventually form a habit or routine of waking up earlier
  • Try adding something into your routine 2-3x a week, start there

Taking the time to have a slow morning can set the tone for your whole day. This carries importance for your overall health, including mental and spiritual as well.

Let me know your favorite way to start your day! 🙂

Be blessed,



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