Happy Thursday friends! In honor of my 24th birthday today, I wanted to share 23 things I learned over my last year of life – age 23! I hope you enjoy these and are inspired, none the less.

  1. You are a masterpiece, exactly as you are
  2. You don’t have to have things figured out or even close to
  3. Your first job out of college may not be your dream job and that is completely okay
  4. Say yes to trips with friends
  5. Try that new hobby you’ve always wanted to
  6. Love your parents, pour into those relationships
  7. Be your authentic self
  8. Learn how to budget
  9. Take care of yourself – we can get so overworked. You will do yourself wonders to allow yourself to slow down
  10. You are valuable and have so much potential
  11. Enjoy the present and where your life is at right now. It may endure a lot of changes in the upcoming years
  12. Seek your identity in Jesus, not in the approval of others or this world. It will always leave you empty
  13. Look to the Lord for your confidence
  14. Be intentional about what you are seeking. Time and energy are valuable gifts in your life
  15. Remain calm. Anxious thoughts can steal your joy and limit your freedom
  16. Wake up an hour early and live an hour more
  17. Evaluate your mindset, don’t just go through the motions
  18. What you’re going through doesn’t define you
  19. When things are hard, it’s okay to step back and not be okay. Seasons teach us so many things and joy can be found in your trials from what they teach you
  20. Your worthiness does not come from anyone’s validation of you. Seek the truth
  21. Learn from one another and truly listen
  22. Show up
  23. You are loved exactly as you are and more than you could ever know. You are healed and whole


Thanks so much for reading and being on this journey with me. Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Be blessed,



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