Hi all! In July,  my boyfriend and I made our second annual summer hiking trip up to the North Shore in Minnesota along Lake Superior (for those that don’t know). This trip was only Thursday-Sunday, so a little shorter than last summer but we still got to see so many new sights and enjoyed it so much. This time, we camped in Grand Marais and explored a lot around the area, as I will get into. 🙂

Thursday night we made the 5 hour trek from Minneapolis and arrived to set up our tent and get settled and get a good night’s rest before the next three days ahead of us!

Cascade River State Park

Friday morning we woke up around 7 to rain and decided to wait out the storms so we headed into Grand Marais to Worlds Best Donuts and grabbed some coffee also. You guys, these donuts are darn near the best. I have to admit, Bloedows Donuts in Winona are still the best, though!!! We explored Cascade River State Park for a good part of the morning. The fog created the most beautiful scene, although it blocked one lookout we hiked about 2 miles to. The rocky terrain, minimal people and unique trails stole our hearts at this park.

Grand Marais Harbor

We spent the afternoon exploring the harbor and the simple beauty of downtown Grand Marais. We went to a rooftop and enjoyed homemade pizza, went to the coolest mini golf course with animals!!!, and explored Artist’s Point which was absolutely beautiful and had the biggest waves that was so fascinating!

Judge C R Magney State Park

Saturday morning we enjoyed the best lattes at Java Moose before we headed out for a full day of adventure. We talked with two older ladies for a half hour about the area, our trip and just life. It was so cool! Things like that only happen in small towns like this and I just love the intentionality. We hiked Devils Kettle at Judge Magney State Park to start the morning and it was an incredible hike with an even better end result – the coolest waterfall! It is unknown where one part of it goes.

Grand Portage State Park

We were pretty far up on the north shore and it was very foggy today, blocking a lookout point we hiked to at Cascade River State Park. We decided to drive up to Grand Portage State Park to explore Minnesota’s tallest waterfall and state park. This park is the at the most northern point of Minnesota and a photo below is the actual Eastern tip of Minnesota. It was amazing!!! We were so so happy we went for it and made the only 45 min trek up and would love to return.

We enjoyed an afternoon cup of coffee, hammocking, and fresh fish for a late lunch at the Angry Trout Cafe right on the water in Grand Marais. We ended the night at Voyageur Brewing for a brew and a game of cribbage on the rooftop!

We tried another latte at Java Moose before heading home Sunday and soaking in every bit of the drive along North Shore 61 on the drive home. Thank you so much for reading about our adventure and I hope you enjoyed this travel guide for the north shore. I would love to know your favorite place you’ve explored!

Be blessed,



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