Hi my sweet friends! It’s been awhile but I am so excited for this post today. I hope you all had a beautiful fall and are getting excited for Christmas. The month of December has got to be the most magical month ever. The coziness, christmas lights, hot cocoa, the excitement for Christmas to arrive and so much more. As a Christian, it feels extra magical to reflect and remember the birth of Jesus, and not just that but the reason and purpose why Jesus came for us.

I hope you enjoy reading what I am learning this advent season and I encourage you to unplug, and take time to intentionally sit in this season to reflect on the past year and what this season is really about and means to you!

  • We must be people getting people ready for the coming of Christ
    • Tune our hearts and clear the clutter for Christ
  • We must anticipate the arrival of the King
    • Like when you prepare your guest room when people are coming
    • Re-think, re-arrange, and re-focus
    • We can’t force ourselves to make room for Christ, we simply do it in RESPONSE
  • While we were enslaved by passions and pleasures (which the world sees as freedom), He saved us. When all we brought was our sin and guilt to the table, He saved us
  • This Christmas, know that He came for YOU
    • He is able to restore joy, and bring peace, life, healing and hope
  • Christmas began with the fall of man, when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, is when God put His rescue plan into motion
  • We must pause, stop and ponder and welcome Him
  • Prepare yourself on the inside for His arrival
    • Let’s not be found unprepared or preoccupied
  • Christmas is the love story of a God who broke into the darkness of this world. He gave up His majesty for a manger and CHOSE to die for us
  • He came to redeem our empty way of life

I’ll end with this point, which has to be my favorite. Thank you Jesus for coming for us, for the 1 in 99, for coming humbly and quietly, for being the greatest example and Father to us. We love you and you are worthy of our praise forevermore.

  • We have a God who doesn’t seek the spotlight
    • The birth of Jesus wasn’t glitzy or glamorous – there were no grand announcements or cameras, just a quiet manger.

Thank you for reading and I sincerely hope you all have a safe, blessed and very very Merry Christmas!


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